آسٹریلوی بلے باز نے عامر کو لمبا چھکا دے مارا! پھر عامر نے ایسی گیند کروا کر آؤٹ کیا کہ آسٹریلوی بلے باز کو یقین نہ آیا

Pakistan and Mohammad Amir gets another wicket. Things are not looking good for the Pakistan team here. Australia are on their way to make a huge total here. Pakistan bowling has been really poor today and they were hit for plenty of runs in the match so far. At the moment it is Stoinis who has to depart. He was trying to hit the ball on the off side hard and long. The first hit from him was good and it cleared the infield as well. Pakistani fielder this time was able to get his hands behind the ball and take the catch. Fakhar Zaman was the fielder here. This was a good catch from the left hander here. The ball was hit hard at him and Amir was lucky enough to pick up a wicket here. Else this could have been a six here as well to the Pakistani pacer. Things happening here for both sides. Mohammad Amir finally has been able to take a wicket in the match.

The first ball which was hit for a six against Amir was a poor one. There was not much pace on the ball. The length was short. Amir must have thought that Stoinis will not come hard at him and here the Pakistani pace bowler was wrong at all. Stoinis was looking for a ball like this and when he got it he threw everything at it. The ball hit the middle of the bat and went a long way for a six over the leg side. Sarfraz Ahmed was not happy with the ball at all. He had a chat with Amir after the ball knowing that this line and length will cost him and his team a lot of runs. Amir did change the line and length here and got the wicket. But at the same time the luck factor was there for him as well.

This was a low full toss on the off side. Now most of the times such balls disappears to the boundaries but here it gave Amir a wicket. The reason was that the ball went straight towards the fielder. Fakhar was standing at the boundary line and the ball did not make him move much. It was hit hard so one can say the catch was good but then again in international cricket standards such catches are not hard as they come straight at you. Pakistan though were poor in the field today and they paid the price for it as well. An important catch was dropped and that one catch cost Pakistan a good number of runs. They were lucky that this time the catch did not go down else it could have been an easy boundary as well. Pakistan needs wickets and that too at a quick rate in order to make a comeback in the game.



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