آسٹریلیا کے خلاف جاری میچ میں امپائر کی انتہائی ناقص امپائرنگ فخر زمان کو غلط آؤٹ دے دیا۔دیکھ کرآپ کو بھی غصہ آجائے گا

Pakistan is clearly jolted here by the Australian bowling line especially Stanlake. The tall Aussie pacer has taken three wickets and he is not making the Pakistani batters happy at all. Fakhar on the other hand looks to be an error made on part of the umpire. Another short ball down the leg side. Fakhar gave it a full swing. The ball went pass the bat. There was a noise heard and when the appeal was made for a caught behind in fact a mediocre kind of an appeal the umpire gave it out here. Fakhar is not happy at all. The ball as per Fakhar did not hit anything. There is no review system here and as a result Fakhar has to depart. Pakistan loses their third wicket as well. They are under pressure here and now it has to be Sarfraz and Malik to get this side away from pressure zone. Not the kind of start Pakistan would have liked.

The wicket did not look change from yesterday. When Australia won the toss and went out to bowl first everyone was surprised on this decision. It was thought that batting first would have been the right call as we saw yesterday that the Pakistani team batted first and they batted really well. But there was that thin lining of grass on the pitch and Australian skipper kept that in his mind and hence he decided to bowl first. The decision worked and Stanlake is getting wickets here. Three at the moment for him and may be a few more to come for him as well the way he is bowling and also the way his team has been fielding. Finch has taken two catches so far. He is doing things the right way here. Pakistan will have to make sure they don’t lose any more wickets else they will be in more troubles.

As for this dismissal the appeal was not a huge one or call it a convincing one. It was a halfhearted appeal and yet the umpire raised his finger. The ball was miles away from the body for Fakhar so if something hit the ball it could have been the gloves and nothing else. There was a sound heard for sure but did it come from the bat or the gloves is something which needs to be decided and as per the umpire the ball did hit glove and he gave Fakhar out. Now Fakhar was not happy at all with the decision. He remained on the wicket for a brief moment and then left the crease with a sad face. This shows that there was a doubt about this decision. This could be the turning point of the match as well.



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