آصف علی چھا گئے! آسٹریلوی بولر کو فلک شگاف چھکا دے مار کر گیند ہی گما دی۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pakistan is definitely making things happening in the game against Australia at the moment. Asif Ali is playing a blinder here and this is what he does best. He comes in and does not make himself uncomfortable in the middle. He does his job really well. He hits the ball hard and long and today once again he did that. He is hitting the ball really well and Pakistan is on course here to make a good total. At the moment the umpires are looking for another ball because Asif made the previous one disappeared. His six was that much massive. The ball went over everything and is not officially lost. Tye was the bowler and this was a poor ball from him. It was right in the slot for Asif and he made his big bat swung and the bat made a cracking sound and after that the ball was seen for the last time before going outside the ground. The best thing about Asif batting is that he hits the ball straight.

Now there is always a safe zone on a cricket field and that is straight down the ground. Asif in this series has hit some really good shots straight down the ground. He is a powerful striker of the cricket ball and the sixes that he has hit so far in the series tells you this as well. He is a clean striker as well so when the ball hits the middle of his bat then it will not stay inside the field. The ball will travel to the boundary either in the form of a six or a four. This is the best thing about his batting and with such a batsman in the middle order is always a big positive. As for this shot it was one of the biggest that we have seen in the series so far. The ball was there for him to hit and Asif welcomed it with a massive six. Tye bowled a length ball and in the final overs it is always risky to bowl such length.

The result was obvious as Asif was already standing deep in his crease and hence it was easy for him to pick this one up. Pakistan now into the race to hit 200. The previous over Tye bowled went for just 3 runs and it was a good one as Malik fell in this over as well. But this over will not go for that much less runs. This is going to produce some runs. Six has been hit and it is the second ball of the over so there are balls left and Pakistan has got the chance to hit some more boundaries. Pakistan will be looking for something near 200 or even over this landmark and if this happens then certainly Pakistan chances are high in the game.



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