اسے کہتے ہیں دنیا کا نمبر ون بولر!شاداب خان کی پہلی گیند ہی ایسی کمال بلے باز بولڈ!انگلش کمنٹیٹر کی تعریفیں۔دیکھئے

For years the Indian bowling attack lacked the pace they always wanted. The fast bowlers from the Indian origin are most medium pacers and hence in the limited overs cricket they tend to struggle a lot. It is the Indian batting which mostly gets India homes in most of the games. This has been the problem for India for many years. The last known fast bowler with some good performances in both test and ODI cricket for India was Zaheer Khan and before him Kapil Dev. Now once can there is a huge difference in the eras of these two and yet there came many fast bowlers in the Indian camp. None of them survived because the reason was their lack of pace. Now a days cricket has become a fearsome challenge as T20 has changed the mindset of the batters. They now even play attacking cricket in the test matches as well, trying to hit the ball hard and long.

Now in the Indian domestic cricket there are a few names who are fast bowlers and they can really bowl with an express pace. One of them is Anand Joseph. Anand is fast and he has got a serious pace. Here we see him bowling in a domestic game and one can feel his pace here. Anand is in a young age at this moment and India definitely has got the infrastructure in which he can flourish in cricket. They have got the IPL and we have seen in the past that once a player performs well in the domestic cricket in India he soon gets an IPL contract and is seen playing t20 cricket with some huge names. This helps these young kids learn how to share dressing room with the stars of the game.

Anand can also swing the ball and we all know a fast bowler who can swing or seam the ball with pace is always lethal. He is really hard to play against because he has this ability to make the ball move in both directions with pace. Anand is one of such bowlers. The amount of swing Anand generates which can easily be seen here is massive and unbelievable at time. The ball curves back with such an angle that one could hard call it the banana movement. It is even curvier than a banana. This is pure talent and with proper grooming surely Anand can become a very lethal fast bowler because he has got that pace and with that high pace he can move the ball in the air. The yorkers he bowled were very accurate and the batters found it really hard to coup against those nasty yorkers that Anand was bowling at them.



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