ایسا یارکر تو وسیم اور وقار نے بھی نہیں مارا ہو گا!محمد نے تباہی یارکر مار کر آسٹریلوی بلے باز کو بولڈ کر کے وکٹ کے پرخچے اُڑا دئیے

Pakistani pace bowler Mohammad Amir picked up three wickets in the match today. This is the final of the tri nation t20 series between Pakistan and Australia. The Australians have batted really well today and Pakistan will have to chase a stiff total here in the game. At the moment Tye has been bowled out by Amir. This is an excellent Yorker from Amir and for a bowler like Tye who is not a batsman had no answer for this ball. This was a middle stump Yorker and the ball hit the bottom of the middle stump and took it down. Now Amir bowled well today. He did get runs which he would not like but at the same time he picked up three wickets in the game as well which is a good sign for him. Amir will have to come hard at the batters now. He is the main bowler for this Pakistan cricket team. This is the third wicket for Amir here after Stoinis and Head.

Mohammad Amir has this ability to hit a wonderful Yorker. He can surprise the batsmen with such Yorkers and for a batsman like Tye this was always a wicket taking ball. On top of all this the execution of this Yorker was brilliant and right up to the mark. This ball was an absolute beauty from Amir. One can easily say that this is one of the best balls from the tournament. We have not seen Yorkers being bowled and wickets trembling against those Yorkers especially in this series. Bowlers now hardly bowl Yorkers and most of the time they rely on their slow ball variations. This is not a bad approach but then again a Yorker is a Yorker and as a bowler you should know how to bowl this lethal ball which back in the times of Wasim and Waqar was their primary weapon to take wickets against the batters from all around the globe.

Now coming back to this game Mohammad Amir has taken three wickets in a t20 game after some time. He has bowled well in this format but he could not pick up wickets and that is a major issue with Amir at this moment. He has not been able to hit the stumps that often and as a result he does not come up with something to show apart from a low economy which is a big plus for him. The reason that he is still a part of the Pakistan team as he does not give away too many runs. His economy rates most of the times are pretty much decent as compared to the other bowlers and hence he is in the Pakistan team with the experience as well. Pakistan need Amir to fire more and more in every game.



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