ایشیا کپ کے پہلے میچ میں امام الحق کی ذمہ دارانہ بیٹنگ!3چوکوں اور1چھکے کی مدد سے ون ڈے کی پہلی ففٹی بنا ڈالی۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pakistan and Hong Kong are playing against each other in this second game of the Asia Cup 2018. Last night we saw the Bangladesh decimating the Sri Lankans in the opening game of the event. We might not see the same happening in this Pakistan Hong Kong despite the fact that Pakistan has got a really strong team at the moment. Hong Kong is not that much weak team. Honk Kong in recent times has played excellent cricket and they have become competitive side in recent times. They have got a strong bowling side and then there is their batting which is not that strong but still is not that much of a weak link as well. So Pakistan will get challenge in this game. The bowling from Pakistan will matter a lot. Dubai has got a batting track but still Pakistan will have to take early wickets. It will be helpful for them. Hong Kong won the toss and they decided to bat first. Pakistan will be batting second now and so they will have to take down Hong Kong for a low total.

Pakistan bowling was once again up to the mark. The pacers did a good job with the new ball though Amir was a bit expensive with the new ball. His first few overs leaked runs but then after that he came back well in the game. His did not let the batters get too many runs after the first few overs. After that the other pacers came in and took wickets and stopped the flow of runs as well. So Pakistan bowling was really good. The fielding was exceptional. A good stat for Pakistani fans that Pakistan is the best fielding side for the last one year and they are ranking at the top as compared to other sides. Now this is a huge achievement for the Pakistan team. There was a time when they were listed as one of the worst fielding sides but not anymore. They have lifted themselves in this department and now are the best.

In the batting Imam Ul Haq scored fifty for Pakistan. This is his maiden ODI fifty in cricket. Guess what he has got four hundreds in ODI. Talk about this strange fact. It shows that he plays long innings. When he hits a fifty there is a 100% chance that he will convert it into a hundred. He remained not out today which is another good thing. The Pakistani batters looked good. Fakhar and Babar could not make big totals but still they showed that they are in a good form with the bat. Pakistan is definitely one of the strong teams in the event. So far we have seen that they have got a strong bowling attack. They have got the batters to chase totals. Today the target was not that bog but in the upcoming games things will get tougher for Pakistan. The next game for Pakistan is against India.



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