ایشیا کپ2018کے شیڈول میں پاکستان اور بھارت کتنے میچوں میں مد مقابل ہو نگے آئی سی سی نے شائقین کے دل جیت لئے

Pakistan and India will be facing each other once again on the grounds of cricket. Indian cricket board or BCCI tried its best not to face Pakistan in the Asia Cup but this time the ICC did not let them run away. Asia Cup 2018 could have been a complete mess but now the matters have been resolved and the danger of Pakistan not taking part in the event is no longer there. A whole story is there behind this and we will take you through it just to let you fans know what has happened so far regarding Asia Cup 2018. Call it a roller coaster ride because there were so many ups and downs in the management of this event that one could hardly believe what was happening during those times.

First come first the event was first planned to be played in India. Pakistan at the start never had any reservations regarding the venue of the event. But then the BCCI started making lame statements regarding the bilateral series between Pakistan and India. The BCCI always spoke about the government not allowing the cricket board to play any kind of cricket with Pakistan. There was a complete fuss created from the BCCI on this matter. After that Pakistan then eventually threatened to boycott the event. Now that was a major threat for India and the event. Pakistan made the right move because the extremist factions of the Indian government were clearly threatening the Pakistan team and hence the security issues were there in playing games in India.

The ICC jumped into the matter and later it was decided to shift the event from India to the UAE. This will now happen and BCCI who could have made a lot of money by hosting the event in their own country will now get not that much. The two teams will also face each other Pakistan and India and there is every chance that they might face each other more than one time in the event. There will be other teams present in the event but we all know fans would like to see Pakistan playing against India. Pakistan in the Asia Cup has a good record against India and other teams. The Indian team will come out strong and hence beating them will not be an easy job for the Pakistani players. Pakistan did beat India the last time they two teams played and it was a big game, the final of Champions Trophy. Now the two teams will face off in the deserts and hence there will be different conditions and different pitches. This will test the two teams for sure.



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