بریکنگ نیوز : پاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ کے نئے چیئرمین کا اعلان کر دیا گیا

Former head of the International Cricket Council and one of most influential men in world cricket Ehsan Mani has been elected as the new head of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Ehsan was today elected as the new head of the PCB after the elections. Another start for the Pakistan cricket today. Before Mani, Najam Sethi was the head of the PCB and he was running the affairs pretty well. But Sethi was appointed by the former Prime Minister Of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and as a government was formed after the current elections, Sethi had to step down though there was no pressure on him from the new government. In fact as per some of the media men Sethi was asked to continue his job despite the fact that there has always been a rift between the new Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Najam Sethi. But still Sethi somehow thought of resigning and he left the post vacant which now Mani will take over.

There are elections conducted inside the board for the new chairman. Newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan nominated Ehsan Mani for the role of PCB chairman. So there was always a chance that Ehsan Mani will win the elections. Also there is no other name in the board who can meet the standards of Ehsan Mani in cricket management. This guy run the affairs of world cricket as being the head of the ICC so there was no chance that he could lose in the elections. Mani today won the elections easily and has been nominated as the new PCB chairman. Now there are a lot of work to be done for cricket in Pakistan. Najam Sethi did things well but at the international level. The domestic cricket in Pakistan is out of shape even in terms of performances and management of things involving cricket.

Now will Mani be able to deliver. A definite yes is from our side. The reason is that on top of Mani sites a Prime Minister who has been looked upon as one of the best all-rounders in the world and even in the history of the game. Imran Khan knows and understands cricket a lot and hence he will be monitoring the whole change in Pakistan cricket. He will definitely be looking into the domestic cricket affairs in Pakistan. A strong domestic cricket leads to a good solid national team. This is what we have seen in the rest of the cricketing world. The other nations take their domestic cricket very seriously and they are doing a lot to make it stronger. This is what Imran Khan has got in his mind as well. He wants Pakistan domestic cricket to flourish and produce quality players. There is a lot of raw talent in Pakistan but the lack of facilities does not let this raw talent prevail further which is a shame. These things need a change and Imran Khan and Mani can bring this change.



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