بھارتی ٹیم بھی دبئی پہنچ گئی۔۔پاکستان ٹیم کو ٹف ٹائم دینے کا دعویٰ۔دیکھئے

Team India has reached Dubai to take part in the Asia Cup 2018. This tournament will feature six teams from Asia and is definitely one of the biggest events in the ODI cricket. Pakistan and India are currently the two favorites which India being slightly ahead of the Pakistan team. Indian tam will be playing without their skipper Virat Kohli which might hurt the Indian team at the end. Kohli is the number one batsman in the Indian team as well as in the world. On these wickets he could have been a devastating batsman but Kohli is not 100% fit as there is some issues with his back and hence he wanted rest. The BCCI did the right thing by giving Kohli the rest he needed. You cannot take risks on the number one player in your team as far as fitness is concerned. Now Indian team today arrived in Dubai. The Indian media is looking at the Indian team quite keenly. Every move the India team will make will be reported and the performances from the Indian team will be something which the media will analyze in every match in the Asia Cup 2018.

In the first phase ten players have arrived in Dubai in the Indian team. Few of them will fly to Dubai tonight and a couple of players will reach Dubai tomorrow morning. Indian team will start its practice session from tomorrow. Now there is one thing which a lot of people are talking about that Indian team will be low in confidence as they have lost the test series against England pretty badly. Now this is true that India did lose the test series against England but then again at the same time most of those players who played in that series are not a part of this Indian ODI team which is here to play the Asia Cup 2018. Major names in the Indian team did not play the test series and hence that pressure which the media and fans are talking about might not be there. Rohit and Dhoni along with other Indian players are not that easy to crack despite exerting pressure.

The main game for India will obviously be the one against Pakistan. India will have an edge over Pakistan in that game because the Indian team would have played a game and hence they probably will have an idea about the pitch and conditions. For Pakistan it will be their first game and that too against India. The pressure of this game will be there and it will be immense. Pakistani players will come for a real test once again. Most of these players did play against India in the Champions Trophy. The first match Pakistan lost to India badly but then in the final they hit back and defeated India with a huge margin. But that was all a year ago. Now it will be a new game and any of the two sides can take a win from this game.

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