بھارتی کرکٹ بورڈ پاکستان کو8ارب روپے دے گا مگر کیوں!جانئے ویڈیو میں بھارتی رونے لگے

Big three is all done and dusted and now has become a relic of the past in cricket. Now ICC is pretty much independent and not coming under the pressure of India, England and Australia. This is ICC’s independence that we now see the Indian cricket board facing consequences for not playing against Pakistan. The bilateral series between Pakistan and India has a whole secret story as well. When the formation of big three was happening the BCCI asked the PCB for a favor in terms of a yes vote to the formation of big three. Now PCB in return asked for six bilateral series against India. Four of these bilateral series were to be played in India while two in Pakistan. Now BCCI needed a yes from PCB in terms of voting so the Indian cricket board agreed to this. But when the formation of big three happened the Indian cricket board started making lame excuses about its commitment. Eventually PCB filed up a case again the BCCI in the ICC asking for a huge sum of money to be given as BCCI never played a bilateral series with Pakistan and the PCB had to face financial damages for this no from BCCI.

The ICC has looked into this whole matter and now it seems that BCCI will be paying back 8.5 billion dollars to the Pakistan cricket board. Now this is a huge sum of money and surely the financial damage that the PCB had to face will all be covered up by this amount. The BCCI on the other hand is trying its best to somehow isolate ICC and get a decision in its favor. This might not happen because of the fact that now the whole world knows about the story behind the Pakistan India bilateral series draught. It is only and only the BCCI who has always been running from playing against Pakistan. Even India, England and Australia could not handle the big three concept as well and now there is no such thing in cricket. The big three was nothing but a hoax which has damaged cricket as well.

The interesting fact is that if it is upon BCCI they might not play against Pakistan even in the ICC scheduled events as well. But it is compulsory to play such games and hence with a heavy heart the BCCI allows its team to play against Pakistan. Asia Cup is prime example here as the BCCI is trying its best to get away from this event. They are trying to quit this event and the reason they are giving is the schedule of the event. Now this schedule has been out for so many months now. BCCI could have easily pursued the dates which at the moment are not acceptable to them in the past. They did not and now they are just creating a mess and nothing else. This is something which the ICC has to look into.



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