بھارت سے فائنل کی خواہش بنگلہ دیش کے خلاف11رکنی ٹیم میں بڑی تبدیلیوں کا امکان

Pakistan cricket team is set to make some changes once again in the game against Bangladesh. It will be a virtual semifinal for the two teams. The winner will play against India in the finals hence for the two teams this game is very important and hence as a result Pakistan will make changes in this game. There is a strong chance that Junaid Khan might get his first game of the Asia Cup 2018.Junaid has not played in the event so for him it will be a big game. He performs well and Pakistan gets a chance to play in the finals then surely he will be there in that game as well. There is no doubt that this game will be a tight one. Both the teams are at the same level at the moment. Bangladesh won a thriller against Afghanistan last night and as a result now they are in a position to make it to the finals. Pakistan won against Afghanistan and lost to India so for them this will be the final chance to make it to the finals as well. At the moment India is the favorite for the cup.

Pakistan will play with Junaid. He is the only pace bowler who has not been tested in the Asia Cup so far. Junaid Khan is a good bowler and he has got some good pace as well. He might be able to work things out for the Pakistan team. Shadab and Nawaz both will have to uplift their game. They were average in the game against India. Shadab has to do a lot of work on his batting. He can bat but at the same time we have seen that he was not been able to hit bog shots at the end of the innings. Pakistan is missing a batsman who can hit big shots in the final overs. Asif Ali can do this but his problem is that he is not that good against spinners. Indian captain immediately asked Chahal to bowl to Asif when he was hitting bog shots. The results were evident that Asif had no idea how to tackle a good spinner. He was cleaned up by Chahal in that over.

Pakistan bowling is looking very average and the worst part is that they are dropping catches. A team which has done so well in the fielding department last year and produced the maximum number of runs out against all the other test playing teams this is nothing but a shocker. Pakistan has dropped easy catches and the standard of those catches was much lower than club cricket. So this is something which Pakistan team needs to address immediately. You cannot drop a batsman like Rohit Sharma and then think that he will not do much after that. Batsmen like him take away games after getting a chance and that is what happened in that Pakistan India match. Pakistan fielding was really poor and sloppy.



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