بھارت سے نہیں جیت سکتے تو میں آجاؤں! عبدالرزاق پاکستانی ٹیم پر برس پڑے

Abdul Razzaq the Pakistani all-rounder and also an expert on cricket is not happy with the Pakistan cricket team performance against India in Asia Cup 2018. Pakistan lost two games in a row against India and the worst part is that they were defeated very easily by the Indian team. It was looking as if the Indian team was playing against a club cricket team in both games. Pakistan batting failed. The bowling was looking below average and in the fielding they were absolutely horrible. Pakistan has a strong bowling attack and they have won recent games because of is bowling. But now here in UAE the bowling is now working for Pakistan so far. They are not getting the right line and length. The spinners are not coming hard at the batters from the other teams. There are so many things going wrong for the Pakistan team and they have not been able to rectify them at this moment with a virtual semifinal to be played tomorrow between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Razzaq did not bash the players much. He feels that there is no issue with the players which is pretty much of a strange thought. The Pakistani players are dropping easy catches. They are not getting runs as well and Razzaq thinks that they are good. It is the team management which Razzaq feels is not working properly and putting too much pressure on the players. Now this is something which is not true at all. There are times when you need strict discipline in the team. Pakistan was never winning all the matches when Ahmad Shahzad and Umar Akmal were there in the team. They are the two most undisciplined players in Pakistan cricket. There should be a discipline in the team. There is no issue in the team management. All of them are working fine. This is a lame excuse that the management is the only one to be given blame for all the failures of Pakistan team. The players are not performing and this is the main issue.

Now comes the thing about experienced players. Pakistan did not take players like Wahab, Hafeez and a few others in the event. In fact some of them did not play in the England series as well. Now these players are experienced only in playing a lot of games but you cannot call them match winners by any means. Be neutral and think in your head. Can we call Hafeez and Wahab match winners? No we cannot. They are good players but they perform in patches. Sometimes they underperform for a long period of time and Pakistan team suffers. It is a good decision to get new talent in the team. These players have done well in the past and there is every chance that they will do better in the future. There is no need for heavy criticism on them. Indian team is much stronger than Pakistan now and defeating them on ground not on a table is not easy.



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