سابق بھارتی بلے باز سہواگ نے بھارتی ٹیم کو ایشیا کپ کھیلنے سے منع کر دیا۔و جہ جانئے

Virender Sehwag the former Indian opening batsman and one of the best in limited overs cricket is not happy with the Asia Cup schedule. A lot has been talked about the schedule of this event and now Sehwag has also come up and stirred a new debate on this event to be played next month. The issue which the Indian fans are highlighting in Asia Cup is the schedule. In fact two games are the bone of contention here. Indian team will play two back to back matches in this event. The first one will be against a qualifying team while the second one is against arch rivals Pakistan. The issue is that Indian fans and former cricketers now experts want a rest day for the Indian team before the game against Pakistan. They all feel that the schedule is too tough for the Indian team and this one game is very important so the men in blue should be given a rest before this game.

Virender Sehwag was asked this question in a sports show. As per the hosts Indian team is having a tough schedule as they are playing test series against England and then after it they will straight away go into the Asia Cup. They will have rest days but that is not the problem here. The main problem as stated above is that one game against Pakistan. Team India will not have a rest day before that game and hence the experts and fans feel that Indian players will be lethargic when they will come to play Pakistan. Now Virender Sehwag is humming the same tune. He too feels that Indian team demands a rest day before the game against Pakistan. In fact Sehwag as we all know has got his own aggressive thinking patterns came up with the idea that Indian board should not send the team to the event.

He said that it is not a matter of high sensitivity that team India has to play the Asia Cup. They should walk out of it. Take rest for the upcoming series. What will happen if they do not play the Asia Cup. There is nothing that much important on the line. Now this is something only Sehwag can say and not any other cricket expert. The schedule has been out there for months and earlier there was nothing pointed out towards it. Now all of a sudden there are talks about no rest day before Pakistan India match. If this was the problem then it should have been highlighted days ago when the actual schedule was announced. In that time frame we heard nothing from the cricket board of India and experts as well. Now all of a sudden they have all come forward and started pointing out fingers on the schedule which is totally wrong. This should not have had happened.



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