سرفراز احمد کو معطل کر دیں گے اگر سرفراز احمد نے۔۔۔ آئی سی سی نے قومی کپتان کو وارننگ جاری کر دی

Pakistani wicket keeper batsman and skipper in all three formats Sarfraz Ahmed is under serious threats of a suspension. This suspension might come into play in the next game of test or ODI format. The reason is the slow over rate on which previously Sarfraz was charged with a match fee. The slow over rate has been a problem for Pakistan in recent years. Sarfraz has to deal with this issue because if he does not and in the next game he comes up with a slow over rate then he will be penalized with a ban. This ban means that he will not be able to play some games. It depends either they will be test matches or limited overs cricket but the ban will definitely be there only if the slow over rate comes haunting the Pakistan team. If not then they are all good to go and play cricket freely without any mental pressure regarding anything.

Now as per the rules if the same thing happens again then Sarfraz will have to sit back in the dressing room for a few games or may be more. The number of matches would be decided by the ICC in which Sarfraz will be absent. Now it is up to Sarfraz and his men to save themselves. Pakistan will be playing some crucial games in the future before the world cup. The men in green will have some tough tours some really hard oppositions to face and hence it will not be easy for this young side. They will be needing a skipper like Sarfraz who can comfort them in those hard times. Scotland t20 series is next for Pakistan and after witnessing what Scotland did to England yesterday in an ODI game one can say that they will not be an easy opposition for Pakistan to play against.

This is not a new thing in cricket. In the past we have seen captains getting penalized with match fees and even match ban for producing slow over rate. The ICC is now very strict about the over rate and they don’t give the captains any edge in this matter. Sarfraz and his men next challenge will be to make sure they will t20 series against Scotland which will not be easy at all. Scotland hit England yesterday and defeated them in a close game. The match produced a lot of runs but eventually it was Scotland who were the winners. Now in a few days Pakistan will be playing against Scotland as well in a t20 so Pakistan will have to show their full strength against this team because they have shown that they are not minnows at all.



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