شاداب خان نے کمال کر دیا!3گیندوں پر2وکٹیں لے کر دھوم مچا دی! بولنگ ایسی کہ دیکھ کر ہانگ کانگ کے کھلاڑیوں کے ہوش اُر گئے

Pakistan is currently into its opening game in the Asia Cup 2018. This is going to be an important game for the Pakistan team. It is their first game and hence they would like to take a win from this game and get to a winning start in the event. In such an important events a winning start is always a good sign. Hong Kong team is a good side and this competition will be tough. Pakistan lost the toss and they are bowling first. Sarfraz wanted to bat first on this wicket but that is not happening today. Hong Kong won the toss and hence they will be batting first. Bowling first in these hot conditions is definitely not easy and hence the Hong Kong skipper went for batting. Hong Kong have got a strong bowling attack but then at the same time their batting is not that much efficient. This was admitted by the Hong Kong captain as well. Pakistan has got a really strong bowling attack and because of this bowling attack they are currently one of the best sides in the world. This game is going to be fun for both the sides.

At the moment things are under control for the Pakistan team. They have taken half of the Hong Kong sides. Shadab Khan has picked up two wickets in his first over. This is something which is Shadab Khan is capable off. Shadab Khan has this habit of picking up wickets which makes him a quality player. The first wicket was that of Hayat who was there at the crease for so many balls and he wanted to attack Shadab straight away. Now this was a bad call from the Hong Kong batsman. He should have known that Shadab can spin the ball and has an excellent wrong one. He deceives the batter with his wrong one a lot of times and this is what has happened to Hayat here. The ball was pitched outside the off stump in fact way outside the off stump and it was a wrong one and came back just a little bit. This was not called a wide here.

Hayat left his crease to heave a big shot. The result was obvious. He missed out and Sarfraz Ahmed had the easiest of stumpings to make. Hayat had no time to come back into the crease. The first wicket for Shadab and a few balls later he picked up the second one as well. This was another googly and the batsman failed to pick this one up. He was onto his back foot thinking the ball will spin away from him. It did not. It came back into him and his the back pad. He was out plumb here. Shadab made an appeal and the umpire straight away picked up his finger. The Hong Kong captain was not too pleased with the batting effort here from his batsman.



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