شاہد آفریدی کی نسوار والی ویڈیو سوشل میڈیا پر وائرل ہونے پر وسیم اکرم کا دلچسپ ری ایکشن وسیم اکرم نے شاہد آفریدی کے مبینہ نسوار کھانے سے متعلق کیا کہا!سنئے وسیم اکرم سے

Wasim Akram and Shahid Afridi are good friends. They have played a lot of cricket together and over the years they both formed a strong bonding. Now both these cricketers are retired but still they are in contact with each other and often comment on the actions of each other as well. Recently Shahid Afridi was once again in the news for his Naswaar issue which was hilarious as well. Shahid Afridi was spotted putting something in his mouth while sitting at the GHQ ceremony to tribute the martyrs of Pakistan. Now Shahid Afridi did try his best to just role his eyes around searching if any camera is focusing on his face or not. He thought there was not but one camera was on him at that point. Shahid Afridi put something in his mouth. It looked as if it was Naswaar because Naswaar is mostly put in the mouth the same way Shahid Afridi put that thing in his mouth. That video went viral over the social media and a lot of comments were seen on this one video.

Wasim Akram last night was asked about the video in which Shahid Afridi was putting something in his mouth. Wasim Akram said that this is not a big deal in his opinion. He said that Shahid Afridi is a big name in Pakistan and hence the cameras will always follow him wherever he will go. So he might have not thought about this and put something in his mouth. Now there are a lot of talks going on this issues which is not right. He is a straight forward man and hence he will do what he would like to do. You just cannot stop Shahid Afridi. So the media also should give him a break. Wasim said that right thing here. There should be a space given to everyone. Let people live in a free world. Don’t put cameras on celebrities all the time which is totally wrong and should be condemned as well.

Shahid Afridi in fact has clarified on this issue as well. He has said that it was not Naswaar but a mixture of Cloves and some other ingredients. This product is used in Pakistan a lot and it is used to give breaths freshness. In fact Afridi showed this product to the media persons as well yesterday. He did not bother much about the hype this news was given. The media really gave this news a lot of air time which was not good at all. There are many other core issues which the media should be highlighting as these issues are very important. Shahid Afridi and what he put in his mouth is something which the media gave us all as breaking news and one can only laugh on this and nothing much. Shahid Afridi did the right thing that he clarified the whole scene and gave this news a stop. This is the way a sensible man handles a news like this.



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