صحافی کا انڈیا کے ساتھ میچ بارے سوال!سرفراز کا دبنگ جواب سن کر انڈین ڈر جائیں گے ویڈیو لازمی دیکھیں

The Pakistan India match is the most important game in the Asia Cup 2018. Both are arch rivals and when these two teams show up on a cricket ground to face each other things go to next level. In the Asia Cup once again Pakistan will be playing against India. This is going to be a tough game for the both sides. India is strong but Pakistan is in a really good form with bat and ball. Sarfraz Ahmed the Pakistani skipper recently told the media that his boys are all set and ready to take on the Indian team. They are doing their practice and keeping themselves fit and ready for the first contest. The game against India will also be the first match of the event for Pakistan. Sarfraz Ahmed said that the match will be tough and there will be pressure. It would be a lie to say that there is no pressure when Pakistan plays against India. Players from both the countries feel the heat and whoever absorbs this pressure will be able to come out as the winner in this contest.

Sarfraz said that there is a lot of hype created for this one game. For months people talk about such games before the real match so there is always a pressure on the players because of the expectations which the fans from both the sides have from their respective teams. If there will be pressure on the Pakistan team then certainly there will be pressure on the Indian team as well. So this will be a tough contest. Pakistan is preparing for this game. It will be the first game in the Asia Cup for Pakistan and hence they will have to be really good in the game. In the last match Pakistan played against India the men in green grabbed a very strong win against the Indian team. It was the final of the Champions trophy. But now it has been a year or may be more since that final was played. Pakistan needs to have the best side to take on India.

Sarfraz said that he and his men will give their best shot. They will try to win this opening game for the side in order to get a lot of confidence for the next games to come. This is the right kind of spirit which Sarfraz showed at the presser. He said that his boys are really working hard. They are all in a good form. Fakhar is batting really well and with him Imam is dong a decent job. The batting in the middle order has become stronger as Asif is doing a great job with the bat. Malik is there in the middle order with all the experience he has got. The bowling is doing a good job. Pakistan recently did well in t20 and ODI format. So there is every chance that Pakistan will be able to win this opening game against India.



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