عمران خان سے بولنگ ٹپس لینے کے بعد دیکھیں اس لڑکے نے میچ میں کیسی تباہی بولنگ کروائی۔دیکھ کر ہر کوئی دنگ رہ گیا

Imran Khan when it comes to cricket is a legend. He knows the game the best and even after being retired from the game ages ago still Imran Khan holds a firm grip on the game. The reason is that Imran Khan just knows the psyche of a player and this thing matters the most. You have to be mentally strong. If you are not mentally strong then certainly you will not be able to do much in the game of cricket in fact in any form of life. The talent in you or your skillset will not be to any good if you don’t have a strong brain. Imran has always focused on being fearless in the ground. Imran Khan recently met a group of young fast bowlers. He gave them a lot of bowling tips. Now in that group of young bowlers one has moved forward and is now a part of the Lahore Qalandars franchise as well. He is associated with the franchise now and doing a lot of hard work as well.

This bowling camp was in Islamabad and the management requested the former skipper and a legend in the world of cricket to come and meet the young bowlers. Imran Khan went to the ground and seeing him amongst them made a lot of faces nervous as well. Imran Khan has got a persona and this is something which has worked out for him a lot in his whole life. He can inspire you even if you are not a cricketer. Imran Khan is brand and everyone wants to get associated with a brand this is how things work in the world. Imran Khan told the fast bowlers that both arms are equally important in bowling. Most of the bowlers do not know this and hence they always concentrate more on their bowling arm. But as per Imran the other arm has got an equal importance. The more the other arm goes back the faster a bowler can bowl.

Now in that group of young bowlers there was present Zahid who is known as Colonel Zahid in Pakistan domestic cricket especially in the cricket played by tennis ball. Zahid is a huge name in tape ball cricket in Pakistan. He has got a serious pace as well. There is a pet rule in tape ball cricket that if a bowler bowls back of length ball he will surely be hit for a six. But when it comes to Zahid be bowls those back of length ball or short balls in another term goes out as dot balls. The reason is his exclusive pace. He is so fast that that the batters don’t even get the time to hit the short balls for boundaries. Against other pacers they will be able to do that frequently but not against Zahid. Now Zahid is with Lahore Qalandars and there is every chance that in the next few editions he might get a place in the playing eleven as well.



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