فخر زمان نے ڈی ویلیئرز کو بھی پیچھے چھوڑ دیا!ایسی کمال کی شاٹ ماری دیکھ کر آپ کا دل خوش ہو جائے گا

Fakhar Zaman once again stands tall amongst the Pakistani batters. The Pakistani opener hit some amazing innings in the series and this one here is one of them. If Pakistan wants to win this game then Fakhar Zaman will have to bat till the end of the game. At the moment he is batting and hitting fours. This shot he played against Tye was a brilliant one. The Australian pacer did not get the idea what Fakhar was planning here. The Pakistan opener just walked a bit on the off side and clip the ball on the leg side and there it was. The ball went over the infield and hit the fence here. This is special batting from the Pakistan opener. He is one of the best in the game for Pakistan at the moment. Pakistan will have to see him batting till the end if they need a win in this crucial final against Australia.

Fakhar Zaman is opening up here against the Australian bowling. It seems that he now has decided that the time is here to hit the ball and get runs now in the form of boundaries. This is his second boundary in the over. The first one was a cheeky shot from the left hander and this one was even cheekier than the first one. The leg side field was up in the ring and Fakhar scooped the ball over the infield. This is excellent utilization of the brain from Fakhar. He knew Tye would go on the off side now in terms of line and length would be short because the third man is inside the ring. Fakhar hence knew where he should play this ball and he did that perfectly. We have mentioned this earlier that if Pakistan wants a win in this final then it will be Fakhar for them or a defeat. There is not another way Pakistan could end up with a win without Fakhar. Because there will not be much balls left for the likes of Asif to hit something big.

Fakhar at the moment is doing proper hitting. One cannot call this blind slogging. He is very calculative in his shots. He is not taking risks here knowing the importance of his wicket. Hence for him staying on the crease is important as well. He is hitting the ball over the fielders and making sure they don’t get a chance to catch the ball. Pakistan are in for a chase here. The match is not out of their hands at this moment. They have got the wickets in hand and hence their chance is there to win this final and if they do win this one then they will break a 28 year old record of not beating Australia in a final of a tournament.



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