لاہور قلندرز کے ٹرائل کے دوران شعیب اختر کا ہم شکل آگیا!رپورٹر نے جب شعیب سے ملوایا تو شعیب نے ایسی حرکتیں کی کہ آپ اپنی ہنسی نہیں روک پائیں گے

Shoaib Akhtar is currently working hard for Lahore Qalandars and his job is to find young bowling talent for the franchise. There is a huge talent hunting camp going on in the beautiful city of Lahore. Shoaib being the bowling coach is monitoring the bowlers coming to this camp. Shoaib has always been a huge fan of new talent. He knows that the kids coming to these camps have skills to bowl fast and they can bowl fast at any level. All they need is proper guidance. These kids don’t have an early idea about the fitness and other measures. They are new to all this at the start. A lot of new things happen in these camps all the time. The reason is that so many kids come up to showcase their batting and bowling talents in these camps. So definitely a lot of interesting things happen in such camps as well. One interesting thing happened yesterday with Shoaib Akhtar.

Shoaib Akhtar was looking over the trails when Hamid Mir who is the head of one of the news channels brought him a young guy name Umar Zaman. Now for Umar, Shoaib Akhtar has always been his ideal. Umar said that he plays cricket regularly but it was the fitness of Shoaib Akhtar which inspired Umar to build up his body. He told that in a span of four months he was able to lose 60 kg weight in order to shape himself. Shoaib was pretty much amazed to hear all these details. He asked the young fast bowler to show him his biceps and there is no doubt that Umar had a huge bicep and even Shoaib’s was no match to his. Shoaib was stunned and even he asked other people present around to look at the bicep of Umar. He had the bicep of a wrestler for that matter. This is what inspiration can do to a common man. Inspiration is like wings which make you fly.

Umar was then given the ball by Shoaib as the former pace sensation wanted the young fast bowler to show him his bowling skills. The best and amazing part is that Umar even copies Shoaib the way he walks. Umar is a left arm pacer. His run up was somewhat close to Shoaib Akhtar as well. Umar bowled a decent ball and Shoaib was impressed with the bowling of Umar as well. Now Umar was there only to meet Shoaib Akhtar. He was not that much interested in getting selected for the trials and all that. He himself said the same to Shoaib as well. His words were that his coming for the camp had only one aim and that was to meet Shoaib Akhtar and his wish was fulfilled now he is more than happy and wants nothing more. This is the kind of love and respect the players have in Pakistan. There are some crazy fans of the Pakistani cricketers present in Pakistan and across the globe as well.



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