محمد آصف کی6ایسی گیندیں جن کو دیکھ کر بڑے بڑے بلے با زبھی حیران رہ گئے کہ آصف نے یہ گیند یں کروانا کہاں سے سیکھی

Mohammad Asif is a name in Pakistan cricket which for many is nothing but a nucleus to all the negativity. On the other hand some calls him a bowler with some great talent and he could have been one of the best in the business but his bad behaviors on and off the field caused him a great downfall. On an honest note there is no doubt that Mohammad Asif is one of the best sea ball bowlers the world of cricket has ever seen. He was more like a magician with the ball who could do some really mind boggling tricks with the ball and get the batsmen out. In fact on wickets which we see in the subcontinent made for the batters to dominate Asif was always amongst wicket takers and economical as well.

Asif never had a great pace. He was not the quickest of the bunch of fast bowlers operating for Pakistan in that era and yet he was very lethal. On pitches in England and Australia he was almost unplayable because of the fact that he used to move the ball a lot on both sides of the wicket and as a result he was always very successful. Asif was a great bowler but he rattled himself by his own hands. He has issues with the board and then he was into drugs as well. He always thought that his talent was massive and he could go beyond every success merely on his talent. But that was not the case. Talent never takes you to become a great player there are many other factors involved in this process and Asif missed all those marks. But still the social media is full of his great bowling performances.

Here we group six of his balls which took out the batters and the best part is that these are not some tail enders we are talking about. We are looking at the likes of Michael Clark the former Australian skipper and then the English batsman Kevin Pietersen who in fact named Asif the hardest bowler he ever faced in his international career and KP as we all know had a massive international cricketing career. He was set to break all batting records in English cricket but that unfortunately did not happen. The reasons are all known to us. Asif was a genuine mover of the ball. He could swing the ball and seam it both ways as well. In fact he had the ability to swing the ball first and then seam it as well. This is something which made him a class apart just like the great Wasim Akram who used to have this talent.



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