مصباح الحق نے نجم سیٹھی اور پی سی بی کا پول کھول دیا کرپشن ہی کرپشن!ایسی ویڈیو بنا دی سیٹھی منہ دکھانے قابل نہیں چھوڑا

Misbah Ul Haq the former Pakistani skipper is not happy with the arrangement for players at the LCCA ground. Misbah is currently playing the Quaid E Azam trophy 2018 for the SNGPL and he was present at the LCCA ground for a match few days back. First those who are astonished that how Misbah is playing the tournament as he earlier announced that he will not be able to play it well he is now. The reason is that the SNGPL management requested Misbah to play the event because most of the main players from the SNGPL are with the Pakistan cricket team. Hence the side is really weak at the moment and they need a player like Misbah in the side. Misbah has been given the option to play only crucial games. Misbah hence went to play the match and he was not happy with the poor infrastructure at LCCA. This is one of the major grounds in Pakistan and especially in Lahore. The conditions of the player’s sitting room was really poor and it looked as if the building will fall down any time.

The seats were broken. There were drums placed inside the sitting area. There was no cleaning done inside the building for some time and piles of dust can be seen around and inside the whole building. Misbah did not like the whole set up. He made a video of all this and shared it on his social media account. Misbah said that the PCB has to look into all these matters. Giving proper cricket playing facilities to the domestic level is a part of the job for PCB. So far he has seen that on some grounds the facilities are really good but inside Lahore which is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan this ground had nothing. There were zero facilities for the players. Even the changing rooms had conditions which were beyond miserable. This is not the kind of domestic cricket structure which Misbah wants for the young players.

Misbah made the right call when he pointed out towards such poor measures. He has also taken the case to the PCB as well. Misbah is one of the most important characters in the Pakistan cricket. His words mean a lot to many and there is a strong chance that new PCB chairman Ehsan Mani will take serious actions against all these issues. PCB will make decisions which will benefit the local cricket structures in Pakistan and this is what Ehsan Mani has got an aim as well. Ehsan Mani has already stated that he will work a lot on the cricket structure in Pakistan. He knows that the domestic cricket structure in Pakistan is not in a good shape. There should be measures done to refurbish all these issues because these are all important issues. A good cricketing structure at domestic level will help Pakistan produce some really good talent and more talent in the future will help Pakistan team as well.



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