معین علی نے بھارتی بلے بازوں کو دن میں تارے دکھا دئیے کمال سپن بولنگ سے بھارتیوں کی آدھی ٹیم آؤٹ کر دی

Moeen Ali was not a part of the England cricket team in the previous test which the Indian team won. He was lacking form in both batting and bowling. Moeen went back to the domestic cricket in those free days and in the Vital T20 Blast he played t20 cricket and got his form back again. Moeen Ali did really well in the t20 games that he played and as a result he was able to hit the ball and bowl some spin as well. These games give Moeen the confidence he was lacking and soon he was not only playing his shots but also took wickets and in the fourth test he is back in the England side. In the first innings Moeen Ali has picked up five wickets. He bowled brilliantly. Now against a team like India who has a history of being one of the best players against spin, Moeen grabbing five wicket haul is a huge achievement. This is something which Moeen will definitely be proud off.

Moeen Ali did a fantastic job with the ball and he should be given a lot of credit as well. Moeen Ali was brought into the bowling attack when the middle order was batting for India. He first took out Pant with a fuller length ball. Pant played this a wrong way. He was not fully forward nor that back. He was in the middle and as a result he missed out and could not touch the ball with the bat. He missed out and the ball hit the pads here. Now first it looked as if the ball was going towards the leg side and might have missed the wickets. But as Moeen Ali made the appeal for lbw the umpire gave him out. This was a really good decision. The replay showed that the ball turned after it pitched on the middle and leg stump line. The ball was going towards the stumps and hitting them. This was a good appeal from Moeen Ali here. He knew it was a close call.

Next was Ishant Sharma who was taken out on the leg side. He tried to hit Moeen Ali hard on the leg side but could not manage the shot well. The ball did not hit the middle of the bat here and as a result Root caught the ball short on the leg side. This was followed by a beauty from Moeen against Shami. The ball spun a bit and there was some extra bounce on this ball as well. This beat the outside edge of the bat and hit the top of the off stump. There is no doubt that this was one of the best balls that Moeen has bowled in for some time. Over all Moeen snapped five wickets and was the best bowler from the England team in the first innings. At the moment the two sides are equally balanced in the game and anyone of the two can win this game.



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