موہالی میچ میں امپائر منع کرتے رہے لیکن عمر اکمل نے زبردستی دستانہ تبدیل کرنے کے بہانے گئے۔ بکی سے کیا بات ہوئی خود سنئے

Match fixing is a crime which has damaged the cricket fraternity a lot in the 90s. Pakistani and Indian players were found involved in match fixing and as a result many of them were punished by their respective cricket boards as well. Match Fixing later ended as it was a hard job. In match fixing you have to fix or corrupt a whole game of cricket and hence in order to do that you have to get the whole team on your side as well. This is the reason that when match fixing was at its peak almost all the players in a team were booked. Now there were only a few honest players left untouched because they were those players who never went against the rules. They had a clean career and hence the bookies always knew that there is no need to reach out to these players as they were not for sale.

In the replacement the world now sees spot fixing which is relatively easy. Spot fixing is way different than match fixing. In match fixing you have to bribe a whole team while in spot fixing only you need is a few players and your job is done. In spot fixing you make bets on little milestones in a match. Take example of an over that how much runs this over will cost. Will the bowler bowl a no ball in this over or not? Would there be a wide ball conceded in this over or not. Would the batter hit a boundary in this over or not? These small details are fixed in spot fixing. All you need is to reach out to one player or two in a team and fixed these things and you are good to go. Now a days there is no way possible for bookies to fix a whole match hence they opt out spot fixing.

Match fixing is part of every sports now. There is no way you can say that every sport is clean or there is no fixing done at any level in any sports. Everyone wants to be rich and to pursue this dream there are many who don’t follow the right thing. They go for the negative things. Now Umar Akmal the Pakistani middle order batter is under corruption charges. He in a recent interview admitted that bookies did reach him in 2015 world cup but he never fixed games. But at the same time a bookie on a TV show indirectly did call Umar Akmal a fixer. On that show hosted by Iqrar Ul Hasan this bookie told all the details on how spot fixing is done and also if a team fixes a game what does it do in order to lose a match. Shortcuts to earn money will never fade because of the greed of people.



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