ویرات کوہلی دنیا کے بدترین کھلاڑی قرار

Former England captain Michael Vaughan is not happy with Virat Kohli. Now this might feel strange for you because Virat Kohli is at the moment playing some brilliant test cricket against England. He is the leading runs getting in the series with almost six hundred runs and the second place is with Buttler who has got three hundred something runs. Now the question comes what Kohli is doing wrong. Vaughan has pointed out at a pretty critical mistake which Kohli has made a lot in this five match test series and this is also one of the reasons Indian is lacking behind the hosts in the series. The reviews taken by Virat Kohli and his men. 90% of the reviews taken by the Indian team went wasted. England on the other hand did god with the reviews. Virat Kohli could not use the reviews properly and most of them were turned down. This is also the mistake of the bowler and the wicket keeper as well. These two are the main judges when a team wants a review or it does not.

Indian bowlers and the wicket keepers have not taken the reviews rightly here in this test series. This is the first test series which Indian team has played in England without MS Dhoni. So the inexperience of Karthik and Pant was seen in every game. Both of them were definitely not as good as MS Dhoni was as a wicket keeper who could help his bowler decided to go for a review or not. MS Dhoni we all know was most of the time right about a review. On a lot of times he asked the bowlers not to take a review and later the replays showed that Dhoni was right most of the time. Then there are many times when review was taken because Dhoni was confident that it was out and later he was proved out right. So this experience will come with time. Some of the reviews Indian team took in this test series were horrible. A first look of these appeals clearly was suggesting that reviews should have not been taken but they were.

Indian team should have done better in this series in batting, bowling and fielding. They dropped important catches in the series. The bowling from India was good in the series but the batting let the whole team down. Kohli was brilliant with the bat in the whole series. But then again the others did not do much and as a result the whole Indian team moral went down. At the moment there is a strong chance that India might lose the series 4-1. This England unit is weak and out of form and yet somehow India could not take England down. Any other team even Pakistan who is not that strong in test format could have taken down this England side. A lot of things went wrong for the Indian team and batting is at the top of the list.



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