پاکستانی کرکٹ ٹیم نئی مثال قائم کر دی!پوری ٹیم نے اپنے فین کے لئے وہ کام کر دیا جو کوئی ٹیم نہ کر سکی

Pakistani cricketers have got a lot of fans like all the other cricketers. Cricket in this part of the world has been looked upon as a religion and as a result the cricketers tend to get a lot of fame and love as well. This is the reason the cricketers make sure that they keep in touch with their fans. Social media has made it easy for the fans to reach out to their favorite cricketers. Also this medium has made the lives of cricketers easy as well that they too get in touch with their fans on the social media accounts. The cricketers share their special moments with their fans as well. Recently Pakistani cricketers shared birthday wishes to one of their fan Shahbaz. This must have been a very happy moment for this fan. All the currently playing cricketers as well as others who are not in the team recorded special birthday wishes for this fan which is a really good move.

Pakistani cricketers have been in touch with their fans. The social media has limited the boundaries between the cricketers and their fans. Gone are the days when the fans used to stand outside the homes of the players and wait to get a photo of them or if they are lucky to get a chance to meet them. Now a days the players post their photos and videos on the social media and it travels to the mobile phones and computers and laptops of millions of fans within no time. This is the power of technology that we have seen. The fans also have the freedom of commenting and showing their likeness and dislike over some photo or a video from their favorite cricketer. Even any news about any cricketer comes over social media a lot faster than the main stream media. This is purely a revolution in the world of communication thanks to internet and social media sites.

Pakistan cricketers who are featured in this video are currently playing cricket at different levels. Some of them are in Zimbabwe playing the tri nation series against the hosts Zimbabwe and Australia. Some of them are in Canada playing the Global T20 league. Some of them are test players and they are resting in their homes at this very moment as Pakistan is not playing any test cricket though in a short span of time these men will be seen in action when bilateral tours will start between Pakistan and other test playing nations like Australia and New Zealand. These will be competitive series for the Pakistan team and some really tough bat and ball competition will be seen by the fans. These series will give Pakistan team a good practice for the next world cup.



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