پاکستان کا ایک اور تباہی کا ٹیلنٹ! ایسی زبردست بیٹنگ کہ بڑے بڑے دیکھ کر دنگ رہ جائیں۔چھکوں اور چوکوں کی برسات

Ali Afzal Mughal is a left handed batsman of age 20 and he plays in the club cricket of Pakistan. The kid is really well talented in the batting department and he can slog the ball hard and long against pacers and spinners both. Domestic cricket is a nursery for developing appropriate cricketers, but we are paying scant esteem to its development. there seems to be no course and agreement on a way to run cricket in our u . s . a .. the shape of home cricket is continually being tinkered with and there’s widespread confusion approximately the way to organise it. it undergoes a alternate each year or so and there’s no sense of continuity in how things are run.

The very simple truth of the problem is that unless you consider making the domestic shape higher, your cricket and cricketers will in no way progress. i’m additionally greatly surprised and disheartened by means of rumours that the quaid-e-azam trophy could be scrapped in the destiny as to me with a purpose to constitute the single most idiotic step ever taken and that i pray that it’s going to never take place, as this shows that some humans have honestly no concept or without a doubt don’t care about pakistan cricket. all over again, the ineptitude of the administration comes to the fore whilst we communicate approximately the scheduling of our domestic cricket. i for one, have no oppositions to our players playing in leagues and tournaments around the world. what i would have favored to look is that the pcb making plans their domestic schedules 365 days earlier.

In that manner, if a player had been approached by way of bpl or any other league, he could have looked at the agenda and stated, yes or no relying on what became organized by the pcb. it might had been clear to the participant approximately his commitments subsequent yr and he might have taken the precise call on signing up for a foreign league. but that isn’t the case now and the players grow to be committing to other leagues inside the absence of any concrete records about pakistan’s home cricket agenda for the subsequent season. have a look at what befell in the course of the time the caribbean highest quality league changed into being held. our gamers were called back at the pretext of a home event being held in pakistan after which that was postponed, leaving them in limbo. no different phrase, other than ineptitude involves my mind to describe this example, as it is clear that future planning is a concept that is alien to the pcb.



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