کرکٹ میں ایک اور موت !سب کا پسندیدہ معروف کرکٹر گراؤنڈ میں گر کر جاں بحق

Cricket may have given us a number of happy moments but at the same time we have seen some terrible things happening on a cricket field as well. Accidents have taken place on a cricket ground and they have resulted in deaths as well. This is something which we all cannot control. We have seen unfortunate incidents taking place on a cricket field but all these incidents have not limited the love of this game. Millions and billions of people are still addicted to this game especially in Asia. The crowds always are massive in an international game no matter where it is played.  In the past week we have seen two cricketers collapsing on the ground while playing a match. They both lost their lives at the end. The medical teams tried their best to save their lives but unfortunately that did not happen and both players took voyage to afterlife.

The first name is that of Zubair a Pakistani domestic cricketer who was playing a local game in Pakistan when something happened and this young kid collapsed on the ground. He was taken to the hospital but he could not continue the fight for his life and lost the ultimate match. What happened to Zubair is still not confirmed yet. As per the doctors they are looking into this case. As per his team mates he was fielding and all of a sudden he just fell to the ground. They all rushed towards him and took him to the hospital immediately. The doctors tries their best but could not save his life. Some of the closed ones feel that his heart stopped and as a result he collapsed.

Now a similar incident happened yesterday during a cricket match in England. It was a county game played between two clubs in the county region. Phil was the name of the deceased. He too was fielding in the ground and like Zubair in no time he fell to the ground and when he was taken to the hospital he too couldn’t resist and perished. Phil left behind a wife and two kids. The family has been given this sad news while the other relatives have not been informed yet. The doctors have not talk to the media yet as they need permission from Phil’s family in order to update media. At the moment Phil’s family is not in a position to talk to anyone. They are busy in the funeral arrangements. Only after the funeral there will be a talk with the media in order to highlight this issue. These are strange incidents that we have seen on a cricket field. Both the times the rumors are that the stoppage of heart’s pounding blood is the cause of the death though the doctors in both the cases have not confirmed the news yet.



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