کرکٹ کی تاریخ کا سب سے گھٹیا میڈن اوور

In the game of cricket we see a lot of maiden overs being bowled in the past. Now a days we mostly see a maiden over being bowled only in test cricket. There are very less chances for a bowler in ODI and t20 cricket to come up and bowl a maiden over now a days. The reason is that cricket has now become fast. Limited overs cricket has now become all about hitting the ball hard and long. Now there are many things which has changed the nature of the game. Even test cricket is now played at a much faster rate but still it is something slow compared to the pace of ODI and t20 cricket. Now coming back to the maiden overs bowled in cricket. A maiden over is when a bowler bowls all his six balls without getting a run. Recently we witness a game in English club cricket and a left arm spinner bowled a maiden over. Now this over has been rated as the worst maiden over which a bowler could bowl and a fan could see. There is no doubt that some of the balls were very funny yet did no concede a run.

This a club cricket game so one can say that the toughness of higher levels of cricket does not come into play at this level. The left arm spinner was tossing the ball up and he was giving so much air to the ball as if he wanted it to just fly away. Spinners do toss the ball up in international and other forms of cricket to get more spin from the wicket. But this here was something different. This was tossing up the ball to some genuinely new heights and the batsman well he was just there trying to defend such balls. He did try to play a few shots but he made a mess out of those shots. Some proper batsman or call it half a proper batsman would have scored a lot of runs from this over but this batsman ended up making this over a maiden over and seriously the worst maiden over in the game for sure.

The bowler was trying his best to give the batsman balls one after the other to hit him for something but the batsman was not in a mood. He attempted a sweep shot on the first ball. He fumbled and almost fell on the wicket. After that it seems he cancelled all his thoughts of playing any shot. He was just ducking out or leaving the ball all the time. He was given a full toss as well but then again he did not do much against it as he hit the ball straight to the short leg fielder. Cricket was being played in a funny way in this over and the fans must have enjoyed this epic war between the bat and ball. But as it was a club level game so does not matter much.



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