کوہلی کی بہن تو بیٹنگ میں کوہلی سے بھی آگے نکلی

They say cricket comes in genes and we have a proof of it as well. Look at the loves of famous cricketers and they all started playing cricket at a very young age. They all had this love for cricket and they followed this love and put their passion in it and became famous names in the game. This did not come to Kohli as a present. He worked really hard to get to this point. His father always wanted him to become a cricketer and he in his initial years helped his son a lot to learn the art of playing cricket. But then he passed away and Kohli in his remembrance picked up 18 as his shirt number. 18 was the date when his father died years back. Now talking about the genes Kohli and his family loves cricket and they all follow this game as well. Kohli is a big name in the world of cricket now and hence his importance is there in the team of India.

Virat Kohli is one such name in cricket who loved the game and then followed it. He is from a very humble background and now he is one of the richest cricketers in the world and also the best in the business. He is a brand now and has millions of followers. Virat Kohli is the back bone of Indian cricket now and he has fans amongst common people as well as other sports celebrities. He holds Sachin Tendulkar as his ideal and follows him in cricket. Kohli has this love of cricket in his family as well. His sisters love this game and they are a huge fan of their own. This happens when your own brother leads the Indian team and is one of the best batsman in the world then becoming his fan is very obvious.

Virat Kohli has a sister who too has love for cricket. She can be seen here playing cricket in the nets and playing her shots. She is not as dynamic as her brother but still one could see that she can bat and hit the ball which obviously comes in the gene here. She hits the length ball really well on the off side. Then she played a few straight drives and they were too some really good authentic shots. This is something which definitely came from the brother. Kohli is very strong on the off side and straight down the wicket. We have seen him hitting some really good shots all the time on the off side and straight down the wicket. Hence these shots from her sister are a copy to the shots Kohli plays in international cricket.



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