ہاشم آملہ نے ایمانداری کی نئی مثال قائم کر دی!نہ بولر نے اپیل کی اور نہ ہی امپائر نے آؤٹ دیا، آؤٹ ہونے کے بعد خود ہی چلے گئے

Hashim Amla is a name in world cricket who everyone loves and respects a lot. He is a Muslim in fact call him a devoted Muslim who does not even look for the umpire to give him out when he is certain that he is out. He just walks off the field and he has done that here as well. Now this is something which most of the batters do not do. Rickey Ponting once said that to give out to a batsman is the job of an umpire and not that of batsman. But then his own team mate Adam Gilchrist used to have this habit to walk off from the ground after edging the ball and seeing the wicket keeper taking the catch. Now this is a topic which has always been debatable and one cannot calculate results from it as it is a matter of choice for the batter. He feels he should walk he will and if he does not then one cannot blame it.

This footage of Amla is from a game in the IPL where he was caught behind and he did not wait for the umpire to decide his fate in that game as far as his batting was concerned. He knew he was out as he edged the ball and he straight away made his way off the field. The bowler bowled a good ball. The ball hit the right line and length and Amla wanted to play his shot but could not get the middle of the bat behind the ball. This resulted in a fine tickle and the ball was caught by the wicket keeper. Now Amla looked back saw the wicket keeper catching the ball cleanly and Amla did not even look at the umpire. Straight away he left the crease and gave himself out. This is something which earned him fair play award in the event as well. Amla often makes these moves and as a result he holds a lot of respect amongst his team mates and the cricketers from other countries.

Amla is a great batsman and a great human being. He is one of those batters who does not have anything negative in his heart against all the other players and individuals. He loves and respects everyone and as a result he gets what he shares here. IPL for Amla went well in the previous year. Before that he could not do much with the bat but last year he was in a good form with the bat and scored some decent number of runs in that edition of IPL. This year Amla was present in the IPL and his fans surely missed him.



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