10 periods that changed cricket history

1) Start of International cricket

first international cricket match

The first ever international cricket match happened between the United States and Canada back in the year 1844. The contest was held at St George’s Cricket club, New York. The year 1859 saw an English professional cricket team head to North America for the first cricket overseas tour ever. Following that, in 1862, England toured Australia. The Australian Aborigines became the first ever Australian team in history to travel overseas, when they toured England in 1868.

In the year 1877, England toured Australia and the two contested in a dual test match series, which is regarded as the first official test series to be played in cricket history. The very next year, the Australians returned the favor and traveled to England for what turned out to be a hugely successful series. Many test matches and series followed, with the most significant encounter being the 1882 Oval test match. It is believed that this test gave birth to the cricketing enormity today known as “The Ashes”. South Africa played their first test match in 1889 and became only the third official test team in the world at that time.

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