3 of the craziest outs

There are many ways to get out but still the batsmen sometimes get out in such a unique way that they themselves don’t want to see the replay again. Though some of them won’t mind seeing theirs many a times to just configure what happened to them.

Let’s take a look at some of the craziest outs ever happened in cricket. At number 3, we have Indian Kapil Dev and South African Peter Kirsten.

Kapil Dev ran out Peter Kirsten in an ODI in an unusual manner. Kapil was running in towards the bowling end and just moments he could take his jump, he noticed Kirsten moving out from his crease at the bowling end.

Kapil already warned Kirsten twice for not leaving his crease until he bowls but the South African didn’t pay any attention. This time Kapil Dev disturbed the bails before bowling his ball and asked the umpire for a run out.


The decision was given in Kapil’s favor and Kirsten was given out. The second one feature Srilankan left handed batting guru Kumar Sangakkara.

Sanga was playing against India when he tried to lift R P Singh for a big shot. It was hot and humid so there was a lot of sweating so as Sanga completed his shot, the slipped out of his wet gloves and went on to crash onto his stumps. The left hander was furious and almost left his bat out in the center.

At first place we see a bowler bowling a length ball to a batsman in a county match. The ball went wide outside the off stump and the batsman left it all alone. Now the keeper collected it and scooped it up towards the slips. Nothing happened and there you go umpire gave the batsman out, why is still not answered.



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