Agarkar criticizes Dhoni’s form

Time up for MS?


The once fast bowler to the Indian team, Ajit Agarkar has called for the selectors to probe into MS Dhoni’s role as a player and not simply as a captain, in the national team. Adding that he feels that Virat Kholi’s performance as a Test captain should be viewed and compared while making a decision over Dhoni, especially in the limited overs format following the ongoing South Africa series.

In an interview Agarkar was heard saying that “the selectors need to have a closer look at what MS Dhoni is doing, not just as captain, but as a player as well”.

Remarking and focusing on Dhoni’s deteriorating individual form, Agarkar stated that “[he] has been a great player for India. But you do not want him to become a liability for the team”. He further believes that even if he has done remarkably well for the Indian side over the years, he needs to perform a lot better than he has been and we cannot let him, based on his history, make it okay for him to fail.

Continuing on criticizing Dhoni, Agarkar remarked how he felt Dhoni’s decision to bat at No.4 in the one day format is ‘unfair’. Especially on somebody like Ajinkya Rahane. He deems such decision not ‘workable’ for the team. He said:

“I am not convinced he should bat at 4. Just after a world cup, you are now trying to develop your team for the next. And four year is a long time, but for Dhoni towards the end of his career to put himself up, I am not quite sure about that”. Adding that his [Dhoni’s] decision would have made sense if there was no one on the Indian side to bat at no.3 or no.4 but there is someone like Ajinkya Rahane who has been one of the best players for the Indian Test side”

Agarkar now believes that the selectors might have some huge decisions to make at the end of the current ODI series between India and South Africa, specifically on the future of the Indian team in ODI’s and T20’s.

He culminated on how Dhoni seems to have ‘lost’ the skills to smash big on the pitch. He believes that Dhoni takes his time and slowed over time and that has cost Indian team much loss like against Bangladesh where he batted up the order.

“Looking at the results” talking about the current South African series, Agarkar added that “India have generally been good in ODI’s but you have lost the World cup semifinal and then you have lost in Bangladesh where Dhoni was captain twice and now you have lost a t20 series… The selectors maybe need to look at where the Indian team is heading”.

Agarkar believes that Virat Kholi may prove as a suitable replacement because his record as the Test team captain has been great. Pressing on the need to review Indian cricket, he said the selectors might just need to make a ‘call’ after this series.



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