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David Lloyd commentating on club cricket run out

There was nothing much happening inside the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. England was piling up runs against Pakistan on the fourth day of the test match.

The English commentators wanted some fun which definitely was not coming from the international cricket so they turned up to club cricket.

This match was being played out the stadium. Two unknown clubs were playing on a cemented track outside the ground near the parking area. Lloyd started commenting on their match. The bowler came in bowled a full length ball and the batsman drove it towards mid-off.

He calls for a quick single but then immediately denies it. The non-striker was already half way down the crease, he skids first and then runs back to save himself. The fielder picked up the ball and hit the stumps directly.

The umpire raised his finger and gave that out. Michael Atherton too gave out a few comments on the run out but mostly it was Lloyd who enjoyed it a lot and rest of the crew were just laughing hard listening to him.

Pakistan and England might have denied giving much fun for the commentators yet the club cricketers surely did the job. Pakistan and England might end up giving the game no result but outside surely there will be one team winning and other losing.

This is not the first time that we have witnessed a match outside the premises of the stadium. The cemented track has hosted a lot of club cricket. Lloyd must have shed some light on it as well.



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