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Wahab Riaz blazes heat in Abu Dhabi

Wahab Riaz is a fighter. Since his brutal spell in Australian during the last world cup, Wahab has transformed himself from a fast bowler to an excellent one. He is now a bowler who not only has pace but also a brain that can calculate when it matters the most.

On the third day of the first test match Wahab bowled a fiery spell with each delivery touch the 90 kmph speed. He got the wicket of Bairstow in his first over and almost sneaks through Stokes as well.

His two overs remains the highlight of the day for Pakistan. In the heat of Abu Dhabi, Wahab looked tired yet the fast bowler didn’t compromise on his duty. He came running in and blazing fire on the English batsmen.

In his first over he first bowled around the wicket to Bairstow and kept his length a bit short. Bairstow kept on defending the ball. On the third ball Wahab went over the wicket again.

This time he bowled a fuller one to Bairstow and the English middle order batsman was clearly not expecting it. It pitched on the leg stump line and went in straight. Bairstow tried to flick it down the leg side but it came too fast against his hand movement.

The ball hit the pads and Wahab went down appealing and eventually got the umpire to raise his finger. Bairstow went in for a review but failed to find himself in escaping from the decision. Next came in Stokes.

He came in and the ball started reversing. Wahab made Stokes life pretty uncomfortable yet somehow he survived his bowling. Wahab almost got him on the last ball of his second over. When he went through the defenses of Stokes but a last minute inside edge took the ball near the leg stump and onto the vacant third man fence.



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