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Anderson shows his class in the slips

The first test match between Pakistan and England ended as a draw yet there was plenty of drama and action on the last day. The first four days were not so productive when it comes to wickets but on the last day there came in a huge number.

Adil Rashid picked up 5 for England and Anderson again showed why he is known as a good slip fielder. Anderson took a stunner to dismiss Zulfiqar Babar.

Adil was operating against the tail on the last day. Babar tried to defend a straighter one from Adil. The ball pitched outside the off stump and came straight with a very low bounce. Babar played it with a bit of angled bat.

The ball hit the outside edge and went very low to Anderson at first slip. The fast bowler was already bent in his position still he had to stretch himself a bit more. Anderson went with his left hand and caught the ball.

The umpires didn’t look much satisfied and referred it to the third umpire. It was a very close call. From one angle it appeared as if the ball hit the grass before reaching Anderson’s palm.

Other angles showed that Anderson had his fingers under the ball cleanly. After taking a long look at it the third umpire gave that out. It was a wonderful take from the fast bowler. Anderson surely broke the myth that fast bowlers are not good fielders. It was very low and needed a stunt to get caught and Anderson surely produced one.



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