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Top 10 six hitters in ODI cricket

Cricket is a wonderful game. Cricket has got finesse, style, drama and well, I would run out of superlatives at the moment. It is a perfectly balanced sport from every worldly aspect. No wonder, the game has loads of fans in almost every part of the world.

Now, when it comes listing the world’s greatest batsman, there are several numerous ways to do that. Some batsmen are the stylish ones, yet not the very ballistic ones. Some batsmen are destroyers of the cricket ball, they may not have the most orthodox of techniques, but they are absolute maulers of the cricket ball, and are nightmares for any bowler of the world. We are concerned with the latter.

Cricket has gone on to become a faster sport with time. The bowlers, the batsmen, and the pace of the game in general have gone on to get faster as time has progressed. Now, we are all very well aware of the fact that the T20 format is the most exciting version of all 3 formats. It presents the most boundaries and big hits among all formats. But the One Day Format has been around the corner for quite a while now. Whether its the 50 over format, or the shortest version of the game, the game’s deadliest hitters have never refrained from showcasing their ball destroying abilities.
Our topic of discussion today shines light on the most deadliest hitters in the history of One Day Cricket. Let us take a look at the top 10 six hitters in ODI Cricket:

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