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Dhoni’s experimentation with the tight batting order

Rajkot: Another defeat for team India and this time again the South Africans held on to their nerves and clinched another close encounter and with it the series as well. Indian captain, MS Dhoni had a few explanations ready before arriving to the press conference.

MS Dhoni yet again shuffled the Indian batting order and he looked satisfied with the overall performance of the batting unit.

In the question answer session he backed his decision to shuffle a few names in the chase. Virat Kohli was sent up at number 3, which for many is the ideal position for him to bat for team India.

Dhoni himself went out at number 4 while Ajinkya Rahane came at number 6 after Suresh Raina. The contest was a tight one and South Africa was given the push by Mornie Morkel, with his 4 wickets. At the end India failed to meet the target by 18 runs.

Dhoni hoped that his batting line will get used to this practice as it will enhance their skills and give them a variety to bat at multiple numbers.



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