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Pathan with a golden heart, Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is one of the most aspiring names in Pakistan cricket. Apart from the Australians he is one of those international players who hold some ravishing looks and a great talent in cricket. Afridi gained a big name in the field of cricket in all those years he played.

Afridi recently was included in the list 20 sports personalities who are generous with their money and are spending a lot of their wealth towards the poor and needy people all around the world. Afridi is the only cricketer in that list and hold number 20.

Cricket was never ranked as an expensive games as compared to the worth of football, tennis and golf. For many years these three games and their associated players were thought to be the expensive brats of sports. From the long cars to the most expensive watches they had everything.

Cricketers were earning a good money in all those years but it was never in a race to the standards of life that a tennis player or a golfer had. Then how Shahid Afridi earned this much money that he now is ranked among the top 20 sporting entrepreneurs in the world.

The glittering high waves of money entered cricket when T20 format was introduced and cricket playing nations started hosting T20 leagues. The contracts offered to the international players were quite handsome and the zeros added to them open the doors of wealth to the players.

Shahid Afridi has hardly missed any T20 league for the past many years now and he is picked among one of the most expensive players. These multiple contracts have earned him millions of Dollars. With this he is also earning a decent amount from the OCB central contract.

Afridi has his own company making all electronic items, house hold and industrial items. With all this he also holds the biggest endorsement contracts in Pakistan as well. All the international chains have made him their ambassador and frontal face.

With all this in his pocket Afridi is earning quite a lot of money. But this Pathan has a heart made of pure gold. He is giving a lot of charity in Pakistan. Afridi recently has launched his own foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation.

His organization will work for the betterment in education and health facilities and will proved them free to 14 villages near his native city of Kohat. SAF will bear all the expenses and will make sure that there should be no compromise made on the quality of education and health.

Afridi before this has also been a part of UNICEF and Pakistan’s mutual program implied against Polio in Waziristan. Shahid Afridi has earned a lot of respect and caught a lot of prayers for all the noble work he has done.



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