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FICA to take legal action against MCL

The FICA (Federation of International Cricketers’ Association) has threatened to take legal action against the MCL (Masters Champions League), a T20 tournament arranged for retired players which kicked off with its inaugural edition earlier this year.

Following the success of the inaugural edition, the MCL organisers had genuine plans for the next 2 seasons as well. Those plans however might be hampered with the intereference of the FICA with the claim that upto 50 players were victims of “the systematic non-payment of players”. With the integrity of their organisers seriously questioned, the MCL could very well turn out to be a one-off.

Tony Irish, the executive chairman of FICA, proposed the idea of the formation of an International dispute resolution board which shall also be responsible for contact enforcement mechanism in cricket.

“It’s pretty obvious the organisers of the MCL have lost credibility. The failure to honour contracts sends a strong message. It is not a straightforward process to bring legal action, but we ensured there were proper player contracts in place and we are looking to coordinate a class action on behalf of 40 or 50 players.”



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