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Facts about Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle is known as one of the best commentator of the cricket world. He has brilliant analytical skills which are blended with little humour. The broadcasting star has covered more than 100 Test matches and 400 One Day Internationals. The following are some facts which you don’t know about the media star.

Early Life

The Voice of Indian Cricket was born on 19th July 1961 in Hyderabad. Both his parents were professors with his father A. D. Bhogle taught French whereas his mother Shalini Bhogle was a professor of psychology.

Cricketer at young age

Bhogle was a cricketer at the university level where he played for Osmania University alongside future India captain Mohammad Azharuddin and several other state level cricketers. He has also played alongside off-spinner ArshadAyub.


The Broadcasting star completed his Chemical Engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad. He completed his schooling from Hyderabad Public School and was a bright student.

Career in media:

Bhogle was part of an advertising agency after he completed his post graduate program from India Institute of Management. After the two year experience at the advertising agency, he joined a sports management company for two years.

Commentating form early years

The star started commentating at an early age of 19 year old. He was part of the All India Radio while living in Hyderabad.

First oversee Indian commentator

Bhogle was the first Indian commentator to commentate outside the country. He was invitied by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation during the Australia India series ahead of the ICC 1992 Cricket World Cup.


He had a great media personality and was voted as one of the 50 men you want to know better. He was also one of the eight people who were voted as the people who have changed the way their profession is perceived. Bhogle was also the top 35 on the list of sports illustrated six years ago.


Six years ago Bhogle was dubbed as the greatest icon of cricket commentary by the The Hindustan Times.

Other TV shows

Apart from cricket commentaries, Bhogle hosted other television programs including Harsha Online, Harsha unplugged and School Quiz Olympiad for ESPN and Star Sports. He also had a TV program named after him which was known as Hunt of Harsha. The program hunted talents in India in broadcasting sectors.

Best of all

In Australia 2003 and 2004, Bhogle was votes as the best commentator on radio and television. He has also achieved accolades of most favourite commentator and had featured in the top three for favourite commentator, most unbiased and most entertaining.


Bhogle is living happily with his wife Anite who was his classmate. They have two sons Chinmay and Satchit.



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