Pakistan close to No.1 spot after 2nd day washout at Port of Spain

The Port of Spain world arose by the 2 pm mark and it seemed as if there was no hope for a resumption of play left at the Queens Park Oval. Will India be kicking themselves because it seems as if their No.1 spot in the Test rankings is in serious jeopardy.

Moreover, to add insult to injury (in this case the injury inflicted by Mother Nature), India’s arch-rivals Pakistan creep closer to the top position despite just sitting at home and watching on their television sets.

There was little to no rain on the second day of the fourth and Final Test between the West Indies and India at the Queens Park Oval, but the extremely wet outfield accounted for the whole second day’s play.

During what seemed like relaxation time for the West Indians and head-scratching time for Team India, the umpires were the busiest chaps out there, with inspection after inspection without any end result. There was no supper sopper to aid the ground staff. Moreover, the ground wasnt even entirely covered when it had rained.

Some rainfall around the 2 15 pm mark sealed the final nail in the coffin. Any hopes of the resumption of play were gone for good.

With only 22 overs bowled in the first 2 days, and with the weather forecast not too promising for the remainder of the Queens Park Oval contest, it seems likely that India will have to live with the nightmare of handing over the No.1 spot to their bitter rivals Pakistan.

West Indies were 62 for 2, with Ishant Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin bagging a scalp each.



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