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Pakistani cricketers before they were Stars

Several Pakistani cricketers worked their way from the bottom. They faced several hardships and trained hard before stealing the show in Cricket. Following are some of the Pakistani cricketers who could not even dream of representing the nation or becoming the sports celebrity in the world.

Imran Khan

The greatest cricketer of Pakistan, Imran Khan completed his graduation from Keble College, Oxford. He has majors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the university. However, Imran Khan went on to lead Pakistan to grab their only ICC Cricket World Cup in 1992.

Khan is considered as the greatest all-rounder in the history of cricket world and has lead Pakistan to steal limelight on many occasions. He was included in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame and is currently leading the political party Pakistan TehreekeInsaaf. He is a member of Pakistan National Assembly.

Sarfaraz Ahmed

The current vice-captain of the One Day International and who was also taken into consideration of leading the team, Sarfaraz was en route to become an engineer. He has a major in Electronics from the Dawood University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi.

The high flying Pakistani led the Under-19 side to the Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2006 and conquered it. He then made debut as a wicketkeeper for the One Day International team the following year.

Saeed Anwar

One of the most talented batsmen of Pakistan, Saeed Anwar is a professional engineer. He graduated from NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi in 1989. Anwar has a bachelor degree in Computer System Engineering and was looking forward for getting masters degree from United States of America.

The engineer didn’t know he will be presenting his nation in the cricket and winning everyone hearts. He was named as Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1997 and held the record for the highest individual score in the 50-over format. The record was broken by Sachin Tendulkar after 13 years.

Mohammad Yousaf

Known as YousufYouhana before converting to Islam, Mohammad Yousaf origins form railway workers family. He resided in the railway colony in Lahore and belonged to a poor background. Yousaf was working in a tailor shop when he first caught the eye of cricket in 1990. In his local debut match in 1990, Yousaf smashed a century. Eventully he became one of the best batsmen in the world.

Muhammad Irfan

Muhammad Irfan was born to a poor family and was working at a PVC factory before stealing the limelight in the cricket world. The 7’1” tall fast bowler belongs to a small town in GagguMandi.

Irfan expressed in an interview that he had accepted his life as a PVC worker. He insisted that he was promoted in the factor and was earning well to support his family. Irfan also admitted that playing for the nation was only his dream at that time just like every amateur level player dreams.

The tallest baller reflected to media, “I had started enjoying my routine at the PVC factory. I had been promoted to the role of a foreman. I had accepted the fact that I had cricket in my life, but only for entertainment. I was earning enough money for myself and my family. I wanted to earn a respectable livelihood. I dreamt of playing at the national level, but that’s a dream every amateur cricketer has.”

Junaid Khan

Pakistan star bowler Junaid Khan was a carpet seller according to some reports before dominating the cricket world. The reports came after a picture of junaid selling carpet went viral. However, the left-arm fast bowler hasn’t verified the rumours.

Junaid family deals in Tobacco business and the bowler has completed his F.S.C from Swabi.

Anwar Ali

Pakistan all-rounder Anwar Ali had to migrate to Karachi after his village of ZakaKhel in Swat was under terrorists attack. Furthermore, Anwar lost his father at an early age and subsequently had to do child labour in order to support his family. He ended up working in a stock manufacturing company where he had a very little salary.

The Pakistan cricket star reflected about his hardships and struggles in an interview. He reflected, “Those were very tough days, we came to Karachi in search of peace and safety and as one of the boys of the family, I was required to earn and not play.”

A local coach Azam Khan found Anwar’s talent and called him for trials. He finally get the breakthrough in Sri Lanka tour where he dominated.

Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja worked for the American Express as a banker. He studied at the Atchison College before en route to masters degree from Punjab University. Raja was quoted in an interview, “My first job was with American Express after finishing my MBA, so I would have tried to be a banker.”

Rameez soon joined the national side after becoming a banker. Mustering it further, he started commenting after his retirement.

Wasim Raja

Wasim has a masters degree in Political science from the Government College Lahore.  He is the elder brother of Rameez Raja and has a well reputed family. The star cricketer was also enrolled in Durham University and Caterham School in Surrey for some certifications.

The elder Raja represented his nation in 57 Tests and 54 One Day Internationals.



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