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England to launch Big Bash-Style T20 League

A brand new city-based T20 tournament to compete with the world’s biggest T20 leagues like the Big Bash and the IPL is set to be launched into England’s domestic scene next season to bolster interest in home cricket.

The new tournament, which will feature eight teams, is set to attract all of the world’s top stars from around the world. It is said that it will run alongside the existing Natwest T20 Blast which involeves all 18 first-class counties, with the aim of drawing a new generation of cricket fans following the success of the Big Bash and the IPL.

After months of speculations and hurdles, the tournament has been given the green signal now that the majority of county representatives have voted in favor.

One of the biggest highlights of England’s upcoming Premier T20 league is the fact that unlike other similar high scare tournments of the world such as the IPL, it is set to not give the 8 teams in the hands of privately operated franchises but to the 18 first-class counties for better handling.

ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) chairman Colin Graves said on Wednesday that the board has been making moves to add to the fanbase of cricket at home, and that this new league is just what the doctor ordered.

“This format (T20) was invented here and is successful worldwide. It can excite new fans, attract the best players and fuel the future of the game on and off the pitch,”

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, each of the 18 first-class counties would get a share each in the potential financial gains from the new tournament.



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