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Shahid Afridi slams Indian reporter on tweet issue

As backlash from throughout the border mounts, former pakistan captain shahid afridi has stated he stands firmly through his announcement in opposition to indian atrocities in occupied kashmir. i firmly stand by what i said earlier regarding what’s taking place in occupied kashmir,” afridi, arguably one in every of pakistan’s maximum loved cricketers, instructed geo information. the cricketer drew the ire of indian media, cricketers and stars whilst he tweeted condemnation of the latest clampdown with the aid of indian forces on civilians in occupied kashmir. urging the united international locations to intrude to stop the bloodshed, the former pakistan captain tweeted, “appalling and worrisome state of affairs ongoing inside the indian occupied kashmir. innocents being shot down via oppressive regime to clamp voice of self-determination and independence. wonder where is the un & other worldwide bodies and why aren’t they making efforts to prevent this bloodshed?”however, his tweet did now not cross down well with numerous across the border, along with indian cricketers gautam gambhir and suresh raina among others.

The indian media additionally adopted a harsh stance towards the cricketer and alleged that he’s an agent of pakistan’s intelligence organisation. however, undeterred afridi said that the indian media is gambling a “terrible role”. it is due to the media that ties among and pakistan can never enhance,” he said. the all-rounder said that indians love pakistanis and pakistani cricketers “however it is the media which like usually is gambling a terrible role.” i spoke towards india because it’s concerned in human rights violations in occupied kashmir as indian forces have killed dozens of harmless human beings inside the valley in the previous couple of days,” he explained. indian media, gautam gambhir face ire of afridi fans for talking in opposition to cricketer afridi brought, “i run a basis to assist humanity and whether or not or not it’s occupied kashmir or any united states i will improve my voice towards human rights violations. responding to indian media claims that he’s an agent of the inter services intelligence (isi), afridi said, “if i wasn’t a cricketer, i’d be inside the pakistan navy. i am pleased with what our forces are doing and am also a soldier of the pakistani army.”

Afridi also disregarded the possibility of playing within the indian ideal league (ipl). although they name me, i will no longer play within the ipl,” he said. the day isn’t always a long way when psl can be larger than ipl,” afridi delivered. the all-rounder cautioned indian media to take his declaration positively and “urge their government to stop atrocities in occupied kashmir.” concerning negative feedback from indian cricketers, the previous captain said, “their remarks don’t make a difference to me.” when pakistan received the icc champions trophy, indian actor rishi kapoor adopted a harsh stance towards us and went overboard and now a few cricketers are doing the equal.” afridi urged the indian media “to correct itself” and asked the indian state to “boycott media houses spreading bad news.” he additionally counseled gautam gambhir, “do now not conceal the fact out of your state, i can visit any extent to shield humanity.” the all-rounder also stated he’s had the most fun whilst playing cricket in opposition to india and australia but “indian media is the maximum negative in the whole international.”



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