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شاہد آفریدی کا نماز جمعہ کے موقع پر سرینگر کی جامع مسجد میں ٹیلیفونک خطاب قابض بھارتی فوج سے یہ سب برداشت نہ ہو سکا کیا گھٹیا حرکت کر دی

The Indian establishments in srinagar snapped the mobile internet services in the region beforehand of pakistani cricketer shahid afridi’s address. the cricketer is scheduled to cope with the gathering at kashmir’s grand mosque.  the assets told mirror that during view of the rumours on extraordinary social networking sites that pakistan-based totally cricketer shahid afridi will deal with a public collecting at jama masjid positioned in old city srinagar, the government curbed the mobile internet offerings. afridi turned into scheduled to cope with the gathering last week, but, because of the regulations and no prayers in grand mosque this system was postponed for today. earlier, afridi had urged the united international locations to intrude in kashmir and to stop the killing of innocents. the tweet later brought about an issue with his counterparts in india, together with verbal lashings from flesh presser and sportsmen like sachin tendulkar, virat kohli. lending an concentrating ear to the reports that pakistan based totally celebrity cricketer shahid khan afridi will deal with the collection at kashmir’s grand mosque, the government on friday snapped the cellular internet services in summer capital srinagar.

Exceedingly placed resources found out to kashmir information bureau (knb) that in view of the rumors on unique social networking web sites that pakistan based totally megastar cricketer shahid afridi will address a public gathering at jama masjid srinagar located in vintage town srinagar the authorities curbed the mobile internet services in srinagar. as per these rumors, afridi became scheduled to deal with the gathering last week, however, because of the restrictions and no prayers in grand mosque this system become postponed for these days. earlier this month shahid afridi thru a tweet advised the united nations (un) to intrude in what he termed “indian occupied kashmir” to prevent the killing of “innocents.” the tweet later induced an issue with his opposite numbers in india which include sachin tendulkar, virat kohli lashed out at former. the tweet of shahid afridi was accompanied through some other pakistani cricketer shoaib akhtar wherein he pressured: “to clear up kashmir issue taking kashmiris into consideration.”

In the meantime, in jamia masjid there has been witnessed a routine collecting of trustworthy at the event of friday congregation prayers in which most people expressed ‘unawareness’ over the issue. inside the meantime, addressing the friday amassing, the jamia mosque head priest mirwaiz umar farooq lambasted at the ruling regime for implementing common curbs and caging the resistance leadership in jails and houses. he puzzled the rulers as to how long they could scale down the freedom resistance leadership and those? he said these days robust voices are emulating throughout india and pakistan that conflict changed into no longer the answer and that delhi need to be given the ground reality and cope with the core difficulty of kashmir. the indian media had been brief to respond and what ensued changed into a heavy onslaught of verbal hearth in opposition to the former pakistani cricketer. indian television channels reportedly defined the previous pakistani skipper’s tweet in guide of kashmiris as in insult to india.



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