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شاہد آفریدی کی اصل عمر کتنی ہے!انضمام الحق نے اس پر ایسا جواب دیا جس پر سب کے قہقہے لگ گئے

Inzamam Ul Haq has got a funny bone and we all know that. His answers to questions sometimes gives you the best moment of a day. One such incident happened when Inzamam was asked about the real age of Shahid Afridi. Now Inzamam was in India during a show the host asked Inzamam this question and the answer from Inzi was one of the hilarious ones you might have heard after a long time. He said that the last he check Afridi was 21. Ganguly who was his partner in the show said that years ago he heard the same number. Pakistan team was in India to play the World T20 and the performances were not that good from them. But Inzamam made sure people do remember him for his witty answers.

All people who noticed that fit, it seems, has an opinion. and that is precisely why i can pass over afridi. the extra game i watch, the extra i come to value the entertainers beforehand of all and sundry else, and every step afridi takes on a cricket pitch is followed by using a note from the vintage scott joplin rag. hare-brained he may be, however here’s a guy who is familiar with that recreation is likewise showbusiness. he has profited from that expertise. as he says, “i have sufficient money already. if i was playing for money, i’d carry on with the check captaincy.” his motives for quitting, he says, are absolutely that he enjoys gambling restrained-overs cricket a lot extra. given his averages (36 with the bat and 35 with the ball) it’s far disingenuous in the extreme for afridi to indicate that he actually cannot play check cricket, although he turned into actually a terrible desire as captain. the pakistan cricket board need to shoulder the responsibility for appointing him. over the course of the fit it became clean that salman butt became a much better desire, despite the fact that that does suggest that they may be burdening their maximum in-shape batsman with the more obligation of leading the aspect.

Even as he announced his resignation, stay and unprompted in his publish-suit radio interview, i used to be typing out a line – quickly deleted – that stated his captaincy became turning into untenable. pretty a feat that, within the area of one test in shape. but i nevertheless experienced more emotion looking afridi bat for two mins than i’ve completed from watching other players bat for two hundred. enjoyment, disgust, disbelief, all inside the space of 4 deliveries. no wonder tim paine turned into grinning. at the age of 30 afridi nevertheless bats like the 16-year-old who hit the fastest-ever odi century in his very first worldwide innings. reckless, irresponsible, idiotic, there is not every other player in the sport who’s as a whole lot a laugh to look at. he is a right swashbuckler, a cricketer who, as i wrote final year, bowls leg-spin with the cunning of cardinal richelieu and bats with the foolhardy panache of all 3 musketeers rolled into one. the next time you listen a person grumble that there are not any characters in cricket any more, point them toward that photo.



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