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Yasir Shah dives on the ground like Messi

Yasir Shah might have some similarity with Messi. Yasir Shah has a face similar to Messi but he has his own fan group. Yasir Shah has already millions in cricket.

Today he was more delighted than he had ever been in the past. Yasir clinched the last wicket of the match. The match remains tensed and yet the Pakistan team emerged as the champion at the end.

Yasir took Rashid down and with that the England’s second batting innings ended. England put up a great fight back in the final session. They were not given away the last two in the final last hour. These things were getting on the mind of Pakistan players.

Fir Zulfiqar struck and then Yasir and the game was grab in. Pakistan did a splendid job. Yasir bowled a leg spin on the off side. The field was packed as Misbah already had deployed his fielders inside the circle for any error.

Zulfiqar Babar was placed on the off side at covers. Rashid finally lost his cool when he went for a big drive on the off side.

Rashid wanted to ease off some pressure but his only bad shot went straight to Zulfiqar Babar. Babar took an easy catch and then there were some wild celebrations in the ground. Yasir started running towards the fine leg area and then dived on the ground.

The player’s players were upon him and the leggy was finding it hard to catch his breath. There were celebrations all over the ground.



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