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The revenge from the South Africans

It was a tale of revenge by the South Africans. There were hardly any other things that could be said about the batting South Africa displayed. The South Africans played the series under pressure and ended it with a huge victory punch.

it was the 6th time South Africa hit a score over 400 in a one day international. The innings from De Kock, Du Plessis and De Villiers were breath taking and many of the Indian fans present in the ground might have chocked as well.

It was a thunderstorm pouring down sixes and fours in Mumbai. The final game of the series was on and the stadium was jam packed. The Indian crowd was cherishing their team but once the carnage started from the South Africans the support shifted.

At the start it was De Kock who opened the proceedings with Amla and though Amla got out early but De Kock kept on playing his shot. Once he reached his fifty most of the analysts predicted another ton from him because in this series he already had converted every fifty into hundred.

De Kock made 109 of 87 balls with 17 fours and 1 six. After him it was Du Plessis turn to hit his first hundred of the series. Before this one Du Plessis had plenty of fifties which he was unable to convert into a hundred.

Du Plessis innings was a special one. He was full of cramps yet kept on hitting the ball. First his legs got stiffed and then the arms. Ultimately Du Plessis had to leave the field. He went out retired hurt on 133 runs.

The third ton came out from the bat of AB. Yet another AB classic, shots played at a 360 degree angle all around the wicket. AB scored 119 runs of just 61 balls.



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